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Our Cows

We LOVE our little cows!   All but 4 of our cows are under 42", and most are under 40".  Our herd of micro cows (36" or under) continues to grow each year and currently numbers over a dozen.  Calves are generally available in the spring and early winter months, and we occasionally sell cows to make room for replacements.

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Micro Cows

Our tiniest girls are our favorites!  To prevent birthing problems, we had to find a super small bull to breed to them.  After a long search, we were fortunate enough to find "Maverick", a colorful little "Western Heritage" bull with the genetics we were looking for, and we were not disappointed with our spring 2022 calf crop!  Maverick will get an even larger herd for the '22-'23 breeding season, and we are anxious to see what they produce!


Mini Herefords and Baldies

Early in our mini cattle adventure, we bought a small group of mini hereford cows.  They were bred to our Aberdeen angus bull, and most of the resulting daughters were red and black baldies,   but we did get a few with nice hereford markings.  We eventually found a wonderful mini hereford bull that produces tiny, beautifully hereford-marked calves with his very mellow temperament.


Aberdeen Angus and Dexters

 Lowline (Aberdeen) angus and dexters were the foundation of our herd.  Our original Aberdeen bull threw both red and black calves, all very tiny.  We kept most of his daughters, and they still make up the majority of our herd.


Everyone Else!

Our herd of mini cattle also includes several belted galloways and "panda-colored" cows, as well as a couple of mini highlands and a HighDex.  We also have a few mini jersey crosses.

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