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Our Bulls

We are fortunate enough to have 4 exceptional mini bulls for our herd of almost 50 mini cows.  All have wonderful temperaments, and the two senior bulls have passed this and their small stature along to their offspring.  Maverick's first babies hit the ground in March, 2022, and are small and colorful.  Percy's first calves will be in late 2024 and we can't wait to see if he can put belts on some of our smaller girls.



Henry is currently for sale as we have sold all of our girls large enough to breed with him.  See our "For Sale" page for further information.


Maverick is our micro "Western Heritage" bull and has many years of selective breeding for tiny size in his genetics... and he is non-chondro.  He's 5 years old, and measures right at 36".  His babies out of our micro girls are tiny, colorful and gorgeous!

IMG_20220110_131926 (3).jpg


This gorgeous little fuzz-ball is named Prince.  Prince is a registered belted galloway. His height at 24 months is 39", which puts him at an estimated 42" height at maturity.   We hope to increase our belted herd and get belted babies out of some of our solid-colored girls with his help.  Look for his first calves in the spring of 2023.

Perseus ("Percy")

This handsome little fellow is right at  39" at 36 months, which puts him at frame score 0000, and an estimated mature height of 40".   We hope he will produce some belted babies out of some of our smaller girls.  Look for his first calves in the fall of 2024.

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