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About Our Farm

Our History and Our Focus

We began our farm adventure in the early 1990's raising standard beef cattle near Lake Asbury, Florida.  However, within a few years our direction took a turn when we purchased a few miniature goats, and the miniature livestock phase began.  For the next 10 years, we specialized in mini goats, mini horses, mini donkeys, mini zebu cattle and mini pigs, producing some of the tiniest and finest of each species.  In 2010 we moved the farm to Keystone Heights, Florida, and shifted directions by changing our focus to miniature beef cattle breeds, downsizing the mini horses, donkeys and pigs, and adding hair sheep, dairy goats, pheasants, fancy pigeons and exotic chickens.  We eventually honed our focus to the mini beef cattle, sheep and dairy goats, and in 2021 we moved everyone to the new Micanopy farm.

At Delta Shamrock Farms we feel incredibly fortunate that we get to do what we love every day.  Our goal is to produce quality livestock pets and breeding stock.  If you're looking for that special new pasture ornament or a sweet pet (or 10!), give us a call!

About Us: Our Farm
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