Listed below are pets currently available for sale.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please check back often since we have babies born year-round.  You may also contact us about reserving a particular baby if you saw a mom you liked or reserve "next available"!  However, we reserve right of first refusal on all babies born at Delta Shamrock Farms.
For further information, please phone Debbie at (904) 813-1335 or email us at for further information.  Also, please review our SALES TERMS at the bottom of this page.  Thank you for looking!
This page was last updated: November 16, 2012

ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless a pre-existing condition is confirmed in writing by a veterinarian, in which case we will replace the animal or refund the purchase price, at our option.  Under no circumstances will we reimburse any  amount in excess of the purchase price.  We cannot guarantee animals for health problems caused by factors beyond our control such as contagion, neglect or stress caused by the animal's environment or management after it leaves our farm.  All animals will be healthy to the best of our knowledge and up-to-date on appropriate vaccinations and deworming for their age when they leave our facility.  Goat kids will be dis-budded.  Prices for male kids are for NEUTERED kids.  Prices for breeding bucks will be negotiated on an individual basis.  Prices quoted are for pick-up at the farm. Shipping can be negotiated on an individual basis, but costs including any testing or health certificates required will be solely the responsibility of the buyer.

Reservations may be taken on an individual basis.  Please contact us if you would like to reserve a baby from a particular animal.

Please confirm your property is appropriately zoned for livestock before purchasing miniature livestock.  We MAY accept return of animals in good health, at our sole discretion,  but will not refund the purchase price if return is due to your failure to determine proper zoning.
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For Additional Information and/or Photos, Contact Debbie at 904-813-1335
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HALLIE.  32" Chestnut/Black pinto mare.  14 years old.  A bit shy, but beautiful conformation and passes that along to her babies.  $500.
TROUBLE.  32" Black pinto mare.  19 years old but still acts like a youngster.  Sweet personality and she's a great mom.  $350. 
HOTSHOT. 28" solid black stallion.  Very sweet personality, easy to handle, throws beautiful babies, 8 years old.  Minis this size are very hard to find!  $600.
No additional animals for sale at this time, however, we have the following items:

This little boy is now available for $300.  He has been on a bottle since he was a week old and is ready to be weaned (mid-November, 2012).  He is eating well and is used to being handled.  Since cavies are considered an exotic species, you MUST have a Class III license (in Florida) to purchase him.  The license is free and is not difficult to obtain; if you don't already have one, I can help you with the process.    Please do some research on cavies before you consider purchasing one.   One thing to consider...cavies like to DIG!  You will need an enclosure that is "dig-proof."  They make adorable, unique pets and are very entertaining--not to mention they make the CUTEST sounds!  

Below are the parents of the above boy.  At maturity, cavies will weigh 25-35 lbs. and stand approximately 16"  tall.